Stream 4

Process Innovations & Cell Therapeutics

The Process Innovations & Cell Therapeutics stream offers insights into novel concepts, continuing improvements and exciting progresses in the world of biomanufacturing. Cell therapeutics is experiencing an explosion in interest, thanks largely to the promise of CAR-T cells, and the increased understanding of micro-carriers and experiments in scaling up vs scaling out. In downstream processing, excitement abound in the ligands that challenge the protein A status, as well as new advances in chromatography and precipitation/flocculation; while continuous processing is driving the industry towards higher productivity, flexibility and scalability. These advances are largely driven by the next generation molecules coming down the pipeline which require changes to platforms and improved methods for bioprocessing.

Conferences Include:

August 3-4
Cell Therapy Bioproduction

August 5-6
Continuous Processing in Biopharm Manufacturing

August 6-7
Advances in Purification Technologies