2023 Poster Presentation



Poster Competition  Sponsored by ElevateBio
Winners announced:  Tuesday at 4:00 pm & Thursday at 12:45 pm

The winners will be chosen based on clarity of short text description, novelty of data, technology advances and implications of the work presented, visual clarity of the poster presentation, clear and engaging oral explanation. 


POSTER SESSION A:  Monday-Tuesday 

A01: Synthetic Enzymatically Produced DNA for Gene Therapy and Vaccine Applications, Presented by Heikki L., 4basebio UK Ltd.

A02: Production of In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Using Synthetic, Enzymatically Produced Linear DNA, Presented by Amy W., 4basebio UK Ltd.

A03: Solubility Screening of Biologic Drug Candidates Using a Miniaturized Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Precipitation Assay, Presented by Chen Z., AbbVie

A04: Simplify Process Development for Intensive Cell Culture with Biogenstar's Fully Integrated Perfusion Bioreactor, Presented by Yu L., ALIT LifeTech, Inc.

A05: Accelerating Process Development of iPSC-Derived Natural Killer Cell Therapies with Fully Integrated Perfusion Cell Culture Devices, Presented by Yi Z., ALIT LifeTech, Inc.

A06: Detection and Biophysical Characterization of Distinct Empty Capsid Populations in AAV Preparations, Presented by Surya A., BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.

A07: Rapid Purity and Charge Heterogeneity Analysis of Anti-CD4 mAb Culture Variants by Maurice™, Presented by Anna A., Bio-Techne

A08: An Automated Immunoassay Platform for Rapid and Sensitive Quantitation of AAV Capsids in Bioprocess Samples, Presented by Yoav N., Bio-Techne

A09: Characterization of Oxygen Mass Transfer Rate (kLa) Using a Statistical Design of Experiment (DoE) for Bioreactor Scale-Up, Presented by Don O., Boston Institute of Biotechnology

A10: Optimization of an AAV Infectious Titer Method for Two rAAV Vectors, Presented by Thomas H., Bristol Myers Squibb

A11: Development of Real-Time Automated In-process Data Monitoring and Predictive Models, Presented by Qing M., Bristol Myers Squibb

A12: High Throughput Feed Media Screening for Trace Metal Impact to Titer Variability, Presented by Karina R., Bristol Myers Squibb

A13: Optimizing Washing Efficiency in Cell Washing and Media Exchange for Cell Therapy Manufacturing, Presented by Robert R., CARR Biosystems

A14: Analyzing the Bio-Separation of Chinese Hamster Ovary-S (CHO-S) Cells, Presented by Robert R., CARR Biosystems

A15: Cell Harvesting: Optimizing Viability and Recovery in Cell Therapy, Presented by Robert R., CARR Biosystems

A16: Engineering Multiple Phenotypes into CHO and HEK-293 Cells to Increase mAb Productivity and AAV Productivity, Respectively, Presented by Larry F., CHO Plus, Inc.

A17: Utilizing Retrovirus-Like Particles (RVLP) to Evaluate Viral Clearance for Multiple Modes of Separation, Presented by David C., Cygnus Technologies, LLC

A18: An Optimized and Validated Workflow for Developing Stable Producer Cell Lines with >99.99% Assurance of Clonality and High Clone Recovery, Presented by John C., CYTENA

A19: Quantitation of AAV Ratios in a Dual-Vector System Using SV-AUC, Presented by Carlo C., Decibel Therapeutics

A20: Filamentous Fungal Cell Cultures Bloom with Benefits for Manufacturers and Patients Globally, Presented by Mark E., Dyadic International, Inc.

A21: An Automated Data Analysis Workflow for Accelerating Confident Detection of Low-Abundance HCPs, Presented by Amy C., Genedata AG

A22: Developing RNA Therapeutics with the Genedata Biopharma Platform, Presented by Yi-Wei L., Genedata, Inc.

A23: NGS-Driven Critical Quality Attribute Assessment of Biologically Synthetized mRNA Therapeutic Products, Presented by Ivan S., Genedata, Inc.

A24: Establishment of a LC-MS/MS Workflow for In-Depth and Comprehensive HCP Characterization, Presented by Li C., GlaxoSmithKline

A25: Characterize mAb Stability from Cell Line Development Through Product Release with Aura, Presented by Andrew S., Halo Labs

A26: Electric Field-Assisted Membrane System for Nanoparticle Separation and Preconcentration, Presented by Kwanoh K., Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

A27: Laser Force Cytology Advanced Analytics Are Transforming Viral Vector, Vaccine and Cell Therapy Process Development and Manufacturing, Enabling Higher Product Consistency and Yields, Presented by Colin H., LumaCyte

A28: Real-Time Online Monitoring of Yeast Cell Growth in the Shake-Flask, Presented by Jean-Francois H., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A29: Bioprocess Development: Use of Multimodal Chromatography to Remove Key Host Cell Protein in the Purification of Live Virus Vaccines, Presented by Devan R., Merch & Co., Inc.

A30: Potential Benefits of Dextran Sulfate for Suspension Cell Growth and Virus Production, Presented by Rebecca H., Merck & Co., Inc.

A31: Progress on a Sub-Micrometer Particle Number Concentration Reference Material, Presented by Kurt B., National Institute of Standards and Technology

A32: Advanced Gradient SMB Applied to Oligonucleotides Purification, Presented by Masahiro O., Organo Corporation

A33: HaLCon, a Fit-for-Purpose, Platform Method for Rapid Antibody Concentration Measurements from Cell-Free Culture Media, Presented by Richard H., RedShift Bio

A34: Disruptive Technologies Transforming Upstream Process Intensification for All Modalities, Presented by Charles H., Repligen

A35: The Next Generation of XCell® ATF Controllers for High Cell Density Perfusion Cell Culture, Presented by Melisa C., Repligen

A36: High-Throughput Method to Analyze the Cytotoxicity of CAR T Cells in a 3D Tumor Spheroid Model Using Celigo® Image Cytometer, Presented by Leo C., Revvity

A37: Improved Inter-Instrument Consistency and High Precision for CHO Cell Bioprocessing Using the Cellaca® MX High-Throughput Cell Counter, Presented by Bo L., Revvity

A38: A Faster Sensitive CHO HCP Impurity Quantification Workflow - AlphaLISA® & HTRF®, Presented by Jillian M., Revvity

A39: Development of Anti-Host Cell Protein Antibodies and Reagent Qualification Using Orthogonal Analytical Methods, Presented by Dan K., Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.

A40: Challenges and Mitigations in Designing and Executing In-Use Compatibility Studies to Support a Global Gene Therapy Clinical Trial, Presented by Sheetal D., Sangamo Therapeutics

A41: A Combined Inducible Mammalian Expression System and Novel Affinity Tag Provides a Powerful Tool for the Productivity of Difficult-to-Express Proteins, Presented by Megan B., Sanofi

A42: Novel Bioassays in Picodroplets – Accelerating Biotherapeutics Discovery and Development, Presented by Frank C., Sphere Fluidics

A43: Detecting and Characterizing Free Fatty Acids with Holographic Particle Characterization, Presented by Laura P., Spheryx, Inc.

A44: A TaqMan-Based PCR Multiplex Mycoplasma Detection Assay for Rapid Lot-Release Testing in Cell Therapeutics, Presented by Kathleen D., Thermo Fisher Scientific

A45: Design of Continuous Perfusion Systems for Biologics Production from Suspension and Adherent Cells, Presented by Je-Nie P., U.S. Food and Drug Administration

A46: Process Optimization in HEK293 Improves rAAV Full Capsid Percentage and Relative Potency, Presented by Kostantinos K., Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.

A47: Low-Residence-Time Affinity Chromatography Enables Cost of Good Reduction of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Purification Process, Presented by Hanson Z., Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.

A48: Intensified Viral Manufacturing Using an Automated, High-Cell Density Platform Supporting Continuous Processing, Presented by David M., UNIVERCELLS Technology

A49: Protein Unfolding and Aggregation Under Hydrodynamic Flow, Presented by Alexander P., University of Leeds

A50: Rapid HEK Platform Scale Up to 200 L Using kLa Modeling, Presented by Christian G., Voyager Therapeutics

A51: Rapid CIP Using Membrane-Based GORE® Protein Capture Devices with Protein A, Presented by Jeffrey C., W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

A52: Identification of Specific-Neutralizing Antibodies for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5 Clades Reveals Future Vaccine Designs and Therapeutics, Presented by Hyun P., Wonkwang University

A53: Characterizing Protein Aggregation Using Flow Imaging Microscopy with Orthogonal and Complementary Analytical Techniques, Presented by Austin D., Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

A54: Development of Serum-Free Chemically-Defined Cryopreservation Media for Mammalian Cells (CHO and HEK293) Without DMSO and Animal Derived Components, Presented by Duk Jae O., Sejong University

POSTER SESSION B:  Wednesday-Thursday 

B01: Production of AAV Vectors Using Synthetic, Enzymatically Produced Linear DNA, Presented by Florent F., 4basebio UK Ltd.

B02: Know Your Process: On-Line and At-Line Analytics for Upstream Bioprocess Key Nutrients, Presented by Michael C., 908 Devices, Inc.

B03: Simple-Efficient Microchip CE-MS Workflows to Characterize Biotherapeutics: From mAbs, to Nucleic Acids, to AAVs, Presented by Aditya K., 908 Devices, Inc.

B04: Buffer Concentrates for Biotherapeutic Pilot Economization, Presented by Philip H., Alexion Pharmaceuticals

B05: Comparability Strategy and Demonstration for Post-Approval Production Cell Line Change of a Bevacizumab Biosimilar IBI305, Presented by Kenneth M., Altruist Biotechnology Suzhou Co. Ltd.

B06: Enabling State-of-the-Art Process Technologies, Presented by Kenneth M., Altruist Biotechnology Suzhou Co. Ltd.

B07: An Accelerated Approach to the Development of a 2nd Generation Downstream Process, Presented by Leticia M., APC Ltd.

B08: High-Throughput Purification Workflow to Streamline Early Drug Discovery, Presented by John H., BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.

B09: Flexible Alternatives to Process Intensification for mAb Purification, Presented by Walter E., Bio-Rad Laboratories

B10: Chromatography Purification of AAV8 Using Mixed-Mode Chromatography, Presented by Khaled M., Bio-Rad Laboratories

B11: Purification of Single-Stranded Oligonucleotides Using Anion Exchange Chromatography, Presented by William R., Bio-Rad Laboratories

B12: The TcBuster Advantage: Using Non-Viral Transposase System for Highly Efficient and Robust Delivery of Multicistronic Therapeutic Cargo in Immune Cells, Presented by Hallie H., Bio-Techne

B13: A Tale of Two Process Analytical Technologies: Increasing Process Robustness with FlowVPX and Patrol, Presented by Timothy B., Bristol Myers Squibb

B14: Impact of Poloxamer 188 Material Attributes on Proteinaceous Visible Particle Formation in Liquid Monoclonal Antibody Formulations, Presented by Kohei S., Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

B15: Sustainable Compendial Grade GMP Detergent Substitutes for Triton™ X-100 in Bioprocessing Applications, Presented by Garima S., Croda, Inc.

B16: Bench Scale to Clinical Trial Manufacturing: Overcoming Challenges in Scaling Up an mRNA Lipid Nanoparticle Vaccine, Presented by Nick M., CSL Seqirus

B17: Development and Optimization of a Scalable Affinity Purification of Adeno Associated Virus Serotype 6, Presented by Azam H., ElevateBio

B18: Evaluation of Cytiva Wand Single Use Mixing Technology for High Viscosity Drug Product Formulations, Presented by Paula AR., Eli Lilly and Company

B19: AAV9 In Vitro Potency Loss During Downstream Chromatography Purification Steps – Potential Causes and Mechanisms, Presented by Hsuan-Ni L., Eli Lilly and Company

B20: Peptides-Based-Solutions to Reduce Undesired Cell Culture Media Chemistry: New Options for Stabilized Media Formulations, Presented by Manish R., Evonik Operations GmbH

B21: Performance of BSA Filtration Using Sterilizing Grade PVDF and PVDF/PES Hybrid Membranes, Presented by Stephanie L., Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

B22: Evaluating the Versatility of Gator® Next Generation BLI Platform for Biotherapeutic Development and Gene Therapy, Presented by Vasundhra B., Gator Bio

B23: Enhancing New Peak Detection (NPD) in the Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) Through a Streamlined Data Analysis Workflow, Presented by Christian L., Genedata AG

B24: NGS-Based Quality and Safety Control for Cell and Gene Therapy Products, Presented by David K., Genedata, Inc.

B25: Determination of Viral Titer and Host Cell Proteins to Support Viral Vector Production in Gene Therapy Using an Automated, Miniaturized Immunoassay, Presented by Ellen L., Gyros Protein Technologies

B26: Accelerating Bioprocess Workflows with Microfluidic Immunoassay-Based Parallel Impurity Analysis, Presented by Ellen L., Gyros Protein Technologies

B27: Shortening the Pipeline from Customer into Clinics: Development of a Downstream Processing Platform for Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), Presented by Jule G., IDT Biologika GmbH

B28: Enabling High Concentration IgM Drug Products: New Territory and Platform Development, Presented by Daniel K., IGM Biosciences, Inc.

B29: Nebulized IGM: Importance of Buffering System and Surfactant to Prevent Aggregation and Enable Inhalation Delivery, Presented by Sameer S., IGM Biosciences, Inc.

B30: A Mathematical Approach to Bridge Metabolic Parameters to CAR T Cell Growth in Limited Data Conditions, Presented by Keshav P., Janssen Pharmaceuticals

B31: From Screening to Scale-Up: Optimization on mAb Purification Using Protein A Membrane Chromatography, Presented by Melissa K., Kemp Proteins

B32: Rapid Microfluidic Automated Contaminant Detection by Multiplexed Real Time-qPCR, Presented by Jessica H., Lonza Biologics, Inc.

B33: Optimizing Retroviral Process Scale-Up to Enable Clinical Manufacturing of CAR-T Cell Therapies Using the Automated Cocoon® Platform, Presented by Kathleen Z., Lonza Personalized Medicine

B34: Mixing Scale-Up of Biologics Formulations in the Drug Product Manufacturing Process, Presented by Robert K., Merck & Co., Inc.

B35: Evaluation of Hydrophobic Interaction, Hydroxyapatite, and Mixed Mode Chromatography for Separation of dsRNA in an mRNA Vaccine Purification Process, Presented by Christopher W., Merck & Co., Inc.

B36: Scale Up of cGMP Lipid Polymer Nanocomplexes (LPNC's) for AAV Manufacturing, from Flask to Benchtop Bioreactor, Presented by Geddy H., Mirus Bio LLC

B37: Drydux: An Implantable Technology for Rapid, Inexpensive, and Potent CAR T Cell Therapy, Presented by Micah M., North Carolina State University

B38: Scalable Production of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived CD8+ CAR-T Cells in Stirred Tank Reactors Using DLL4/VCAM-1 Coated Beads, Presented by Vaisakh R., Notch Therapeutics

B39: Revolutionary Variable Pathlength Spectroscopy for AAV Titer Determination to Accelerate Processes Development, Presented by Yan C., PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

B40: Evaluate of Full and Empty AAV Separation Between Strong and Weak Anion Exchange Ligands on Resin and Monolith Column Formats, Presented by Kevin S., PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

B41: Developing an Improved Affinity Chromatography Process for Adeno-Associated Virus, Serotype 5 (AAV5), Presented by Laura P., Repligen

B42: A Rapid and High-Throughput T Cell Immunophenotyping Assay for Cellular Therapy Bioprocess Using the Cellaca® PLX Image Cytometer, Presented by Carolina FN., Revvity

B43: AlphaLISA® Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) Kits – A Faster and More Sensitive AAV Capsid Detection Method, Presented by Jillian M., Revvity

B44: Environment Social Governance Solution for Fluorescence-Labeled ssDNA Fragment Analysis Using Denature Microfluidics Capillary Electrophoresis, an Application for CRISPR Enzyme Study and RNA Capping Study, Presented by Yanhong T., Revvity

B45: Optimization of AAV Sample Preparation Towards Accurate Quantification of Viral Titer by dPCR, Presented by Zoe B., Teknova

B46: A Novel Cell-Based AAV RNA-Sensing Infectivity Reporter Assay, Presented by Michel C., Teknova

B47: Optimized AEX Buffer Formulations for AAV Full Capsid Enrichment, Presented by Michel C., Teknova

B48: Two qPCR Based Assays to Quantitate Total Lentiviral Particles and Proviral Copy Number for Viral Vector Characterization, Presented by Frank P., Thermo Fisher Scientific

B49: Evaluate Polyethylenimine Clearance in Purification Process of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vector, Presented by Kyle K., Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.

B50: Exploring the Production Potential and Mechanoresponsiveness of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells for Extracellular Vesicle Biomanufacturing, Presented by Emily P., University of Maryland

B51: Delivering Consistent Protein A Membrane Scalability: GORE® Protein Capture Devices with Protein A, Presented by Matt I., W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

B52: Extended Cycling Durability, High Productivity Membrane-Based Affinity Purification Using GORE® Protein Capture Devices with Protein A, Presented by Eric V., W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

B53: Cell Culture Media Monitoring in Cell and Gene Therapy Supporting Upstream Bioprocessing, Presented by Yun A., Waters Corporation

B54: Application of LabChip Empty/Full Microfluidic Assays for AAV2 and AAV9 Analysis, Presented by Menel B., Revvity