“The bioprocessing summit is a very interesting event that addresses technological advances for the development and manufacture of advanced therapies. The event brings high-level speakers from academia and industry, who present proposals for processes and equipment to overcome the challenges of producing advanced therapies.”

“The opportunities to connect with people with various backgrounds and interests made this conference one to remember.”

“Great meeting with great people. I would definitely recommend it for novices and experts alike.”

“CGT is fast evolving to become one of the most important advances in medicine, and this meeting covered the cutting-edge aspects of the field.”

“The 2022 Bioprocessing Summit has delivered one of the best-designed programs in years with well-covered topics and high-quality data information shared by the presenters.”

“The place to be if you're working in Cell & Gene Therapy.”

“The training session of the summit did help me a lot to get a deeper understanding of the regulatory authorities’ thinking and demands.”

“The Bioprocessing Summit found the perfect combination of exploring the latest advances in biotechnology as well as catching up with old colleagues. I'd recommend it to anyone trying to learn or share information about their field of expertise.”

“Great event with great presenters! Top-notch event!”

“Great experience to see meet new and old colleagues and exchange in a professional, but relaxed environment.”

“The Bioprocessing Summit surprised me quite a lot and in a positive way because it is different from the conferences that I usually go to lately. And it has been my first big conference after the pandemic, which adds greater value even emotionally. I express my sincere recommendation for the following editions.”