Gene Therapy

The Gene Therapy industry has undergone rapid advances over the last twelve months with the first gene therapy approved for sale in the US – Spark’s Luxturna, at the end of 2017. They don’t come cheap and companies are under incredible pressure to develop well defined, scalable therapies.

The Gene Therapy CMC and Bioproduction stream features two back-to-back conferences looking at the critical challenges facing the production, characterization and quality control of vector based gene therapies, with dedicated sessions on AAV and lentivirus-based platforms as well as oncolytic viruses, CRISPR and other gene editing therapies. Topics include potency assay development, stability, comparability and quality control, large-scale AAV and lentivirus process development, formulation, scale-up, product lifecycle management, industrialization, facility design and regulatory compliance.


AUGUST 15-16
Gene Therapy CMC & Analytics 

AUGUST 16-17
Gene Therapy Manufacturing

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