Stream 5

Cell & Gene Therapy Production

This week-long Cell and Gene Therapy Production stream focuses on the analysis, process development, scale-up and manufacture of cell and gene-based products, with particular attention on CAR-T and TCR-based therapies. First stop is Cell Therapy CMC, looking at potency assay development, raw materials, comparability, target product profiles and quality control, followed by two days on cell therapy bioproduction – from scale-up to automation and closed systems; operations to logistics. The final part of the week focuses on gene therapy and the challenges in vector design, development and manufacture for AAV and lentiviruses, with supplementary sessions on analytics and CMC.

Conferences Include:

August 15-16
Cell Therapy CMC, Quality and Analytics

August 17-18
Cell Therapy Bioproduction, Operations and Logistics

August 18-19
Gene Therapy Bioproduction