MONDAY, AUGUST 13 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


Aitana Peire, Senior Consultant, Venture Valuation

In this course is you will gain a basic understanding of the financial and business aspects of valuation. Learning theory through practice, you will also work on two case studies: company valuation and product valuation and licensing deal. The Excel model for the product valuation (rNPV) will be provided as a take-home tool. Case studies will be done in groups, to facilitate networking during the course and provide interactive learning.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Get a basic understanding of valuation
  • Learn how to assess a company prior to the valuation
  • Understand the key value drivers for biotech and medtech company valuation
  • Learn concepts, tools and techniques for the valuation
  • Understand what investors are focusing on before investing in a life sciences company
  • Be able to estimate the value of a company in a case study
  • Learn the key components of a therapeutic product valuation
  • Be able to value a proposed licensing deal in a case study and determine if the terms are acceptable
  • Learn about structuring a deal between a pharma and a biotech company based on up-front, milestone and royalty payments

About the Instructor:

Aitana_PeireAitana Peire, Senior Consultant, Venture Valuation

Aitana is a Senior Consultant in Venture Valuation, where she values companies looking to raise funds, and products for licensing agreements. Before joining Venture Valuation in 2013, Aitana worked as Pharma equity research analyst for Kepler Cheuvreux. Prior to that, she worked as Pharma consultant on market access, pricing and reimbursement, and budget impact modelling.

With over 50 valuations around the world, multiple publications and top-tier clients, Aitana is a leading expert.