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In biopharmaceutical production, the need to achieve higher productivity while maintaining quality consistency and reducing cost is the holy grail. The industry has made great progress in upstream processing in the past decade, led by improved host cell engineering, higher expression cell lines, optimized cell culture and perfusion/intensified processing. The next decade will see smarter biomanufacturing strategies coming to the forefront, incorporating new platforms and technologies such as NGS, targeted integration, synthetic biology, data management, automation, modeling, digital twins, PAT and more. The Upstream Processing conferences will dive into the many exciting trends and innovations driving the next wave of upstream development.

Conferences Include:

Keynote Presentations:

Automation in Cell Line Development
Lina ChakrabartiLina Chakrabarti, PhD, Senior Manager, R&D, AstraZeneca

Digital Innovation in Transforming Molecules of Today into the Medicines of Tomorrow
Cenk UndeyCenk Undey, PhD, Vice President & Global Head, PTD Data & Digital, Roche/Genentech

The Golden Thread: Digital Powered Seamless Therapeutic Translation and Industrialization 
Shanti ChariShanti Chari, AVP, Digital Technologies and Innovation, Landmark Bio

Preparing for the Smart Factories of the Future: CDER's Journey
Thomas F. O ConnorThomas F. O'Connor, PhD, Deputy Director, Office of Pharmaceutical Quality, CDER, FDA