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The biopharmaceutical industry has long chased the holy grail: achieving peak productivity, unwavering quality, and cost-efficiency. The past decade has seen remarkable progress in upstream processing, fueled by sophisticated host cell engineering, potent expression cell lines, optimized culturing techniques and upstream improvements such as perfusion and intensified processing. The next chapter promises a paradigm shift, where intelligence takes center stage. We will witness next generation platforms such as targeted integration and genetic editing of cell line development, while AI-optimized bioreactor and culture conditions, PAT, digital twins and machine learning will lead the way to better process understanding, monitoring and control, simulation and prediction.

Conferences Include:

Cell Line Development & Cell Culture Optimization
Digital Transformation and AI in Bioprocess

Keynote Presentations Include:

A Multiomics Perspective on Cell Line Development
Susan SharfsteinSusan Sharfstein, PhD, Professor, Nanobioscience, Nanoscale Science and Engineering, University of Albany