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The rise of high-potency therapies and complex biologics is pushing the boundaries of downstream processing. The bottleneck is shifting from upstream production to purifying these intricate molecules efficiently and sustainably. Companies are exploring AI-optimized process optimization, and continuous manufacturing for higher yield and agility. New materials such as membranes and resins, and innovations in affinity chromatography, microfluidics, rapid cycling etc., continue to push improvements in the field. Meanwhile, the hunt for greener solutions is on, with the goal of minimizing waste and environmental impact. Join the Downstream Processing conferences to witness firsthand the tools and strategies shaping the future of biologics manufacturing.

Conferences Include:

Intensified & Continuous Processing
Advances in Purification & Recovery

Keynote Presentations Include:

Enabling Sustainability in Biotechnology via Innovation
David J. RoushDavid J. Roush, PhD, CEO & Distinguished Scientist, Roush Biophama Panacea

A Crystallization-Based Approach for the Separation of Full and Empty AAV Capsids
Richard D. BraatzRichard D. Braatz, PhD, Edwin R. Gilliland Professor, Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology