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The need for technological innovations is critical in downstream processing not only to meet the demands of higher upstream titer, but also to face the challenges of new modalities and complex molecules coming down the pipeline. Companies are looking toward strategies such as continuous and intensified processing, filter chemistry, scale-down modeling, digitalization, and automation to improve yield and productivity. Meanwhile, downstream scientists are upping their game in developing processes for complex and emerging biologics, while exploring advances in tools, materials and technologies for next-generation purification platforms. The Downstream Processing conferences will bring you on a voyage to discover these innovations driving the next wave of downstream development.

Conferences Include:

Keynote Presentations:

Which Program Is Not Accelerated? Increasing Efficiencies in Process Development for Speed, Quality, and Safety
Gisela M. FerreiraGisela M. Ferreira, PhD, Director, AstraZeneca

Platform Approaches for a Diverse Pipeline: Engineering Ways of Working for Robust Separations
Kevin P. BrowerKevin P. Brower, PhD, Global Head, Purification Process Development, Sanofi