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The Cell Therapy stream explores the critical challenges facing the manufacture, analysis and quality of cell-based therapies across clinical and commercial development. Featuring two back-to-back conferences, Cell Therapy CMC and Analytics, and Cell Therapy Manufacturing, topics include product and process characterization, CMC strategies, decentralized manufacturing, autologous and allogeneic manufacturing strategies, automation, the role of AI, scale-up and supply of CAR Ts and next-generation cell therapies such as NK cells, TILs, iPSCs, gamma deltas, and TCR-based therapies.

Conferences Include:

Cell Therapy CMC and Analytics
Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Keynote Presentations Include:

Regulatory Science and Translational Research in Cell Therapy Development
Steven R. BauerSteven R. Bauer, PhD, Chief Regulatory Science Affairs Program Officer, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM)

Improving Affordability and Access of CAR T Cell and Other Gene-Modified Cell Therapies
Boro DropulicBoro Dropulic, PhD, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Caring Cross

Point-of-Care Manufacturing at an Academic Center: Increasing Accessibility to Cell Therapies
Nirav N. ShahNirav N. Shah, MD, Associate Professor, Hematology, Medical College of Wisconsin

Featured Presentations Include:

Successful Generation of Anti-CD19 CAR T Cells for Clinical Use in Patients with Diverse Autoimmune Disorders
Ranjita SenguptaRanjita Sengupta, PhD, Senior Director, Process Development, CMC Lead, KYV-101C, Kyverna Therapeutics Inc.