Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 2nd Annual

Digital Biomanufacturing

Digital Revolution in Bioprocessing

August 14-15, 2019

Industry 4.0, internet of things, big data, AI … these are words that we are seeing and hearing around us, enabling exciting developments such as autonomous cars, smart factories and connected cities. This wave of transformation is coming to the biopharm industry, promising to revolutionize the way we approach biologics development to manufacturing.

At CHI’s inaugural Manufacturing 4.0 last year, we introduced the concept of disruptive technologies driving manufacturing changes. This year, we have renamed the conference to Digital Biomanufacturing to reflect our focus on digital implementation, from digital labs to smart factories, from operations to supply chain transformation, and to discuss the tools and technologies enabling this digital transformation – AI, big data, IoT, data mining, predictive analytics, modeling, automation and robotics.


Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Digitizing Biologics Manufacturing - from Data Analytics to Smart Factories
    • What are the short-term and long-term visions on digital biomanufacturing across the different stakeholders?
    • Where are the Bottlenecks?
    • Process and Facility Enablers - sensors and advanced process controls, disposables, automation and robotics, flexible facilities
    • Operations and Supply Chain Transformation
  • Can We Quantify the Added Value of Digitalization?
  • Where Can We Apply Digital Transformation in Biioprocessing?
    • upstream, downstream, formulation, screeninig, scale up, tech transfer, production, etc
    • asset management, warehousing, capacity and resource management, supply and delivery etc.
  • Standardization and Harmonization of Data and Lab Infrastructure
  • Stakeholders - how to exploit synergies and integrate prior knowledge?
    • IT experts, process engineeres, data scientists
  • Will AI Replace Process Engineers?
    • How can Data and Knowledge be Smartly Combined?
  • Digital Implementation – Converting Data into Applicable Tools
    • data storage, data bases and integration of software and hardware components
    • Big data, IoT, and cloud computing
    • Sensors, advanced process controls
    • Modeling and predictive analytics
    • Automation and robotics
  • Regulatory Perspectives on Digital Technologies in IND submissions


If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation at this meeting, please click here.

The deadline for priority consideration is February 11, 2019.

All proposals are subject to review by session chairmen and/or the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Additionally, as per Cambridge Healthtech Institute policy, a select number of vendors and consultants who provide products and services will be offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships.

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