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Partnering OpporutnitiesJoin us for an exclusive gathering of the leading investors, innovators, manufacturers and suppliers who are driving the future of bioprocessing.

Bioprocessing Tech: Venture, Innovation and Partnering Conference will take place in conjunction with the 15th Annual Bioprocessing Summit.

We are excited to add this new Investor-style conference to an already established and successful event of over 1400+ leaders in bioprocessing, manufacturing, and analytics. The Venture, Innovation, & Partnering Conference series aims to bring together C-level executives from investment firms, biopharmaceutical manufacturers, CDMOs, equipment suppliers, and innovative startups supporting technical innovation in bioprocessing. We will include strategics from big and small pharma, venture, and corporate arms who have a vested interest in driving this innovation, plus CEOs and innovators from across the biologic, cell and gene therapy space.

This unique combination of events offers the opportunity to participate in a venture and partnering event featuring a very exciting and emerging space, while also offering the chance to visit the Exhibit Hall and meet companies and get a sense of where this industry is going.

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Meet Our Co-Chairs

Daniella Kranjac

Daniella Kranjac
Founding Partner & Managing Director
Dynamk Capital LLC

Ran Zheng, PhD

Ran Zheng
Landmark Bio

Ann Lee

Ann Lee
Chief Technical Officer
Prime Medicine

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • VP of Strategy
  • Senior VP Strategy & Growth
  • Co-Founder and Partner
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner
  • Co-Founder and Managing General Partner
  • Director of Partnerships
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Executive VP & Chief Strategy Officer
  • Executive Partner
  • Founder & Managing Partner
  • Founder & Partner
  • General Partner
  • Global Drug Dev Innovation Lead
  • VP & Director of Business Development
  • Global Head
  • Investor
  • Managing Director & Partner
  • Managing Director Private Equity
  • Senior Partner
  • Senior VP Research & Venture
  • Angel Investor
  • CEO & Co-Founder

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1-on-1 Networking

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Key Contacts

For meeting questions and suggestions

Edel O’Regan Ph.D.

Edel O’Regan Ph.D.
Vice President, Production
(+1) 781-697-0586


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Phillip Zakim-Yacouby

Companies A-M

Phillip Zakim-Yacouby
Senior, Business Development Manager
(+1) 781-247-1815

Partnering and sponsorship

Aimee Croke

Companies N-Z

Aimee Croke
Business Development Manager
(+1) 781-292-0777

For industry segments such as law firms, accounting firms, executive search firms, investment banks, commercial banks, VCs, private equity, please contact:

Brian Caine

Brian Caine
Specialized Business Development Manager
(+1) 908-809-0946