Cambridge Healthtech Institute ’s 3rd Annual

Gene Therapy Manufacturing

August 16-17, 2018

It is an exciting time for gene therapy – therapies on the market, encouraging clinical data and a long list of pharma collaborations. Pricing and reimbursement takes a majority of the headlines but equally important is producing these therapies in a scalable, cost-effective and robust way, all the while developing a clear CMC and characterization profile that satisfies the regulators.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Gene Therapy Manufacturing meeting takes a practical, case study driven approach to the process development, scale-up and production of gene therapies, tackling key topics such as AAV, lentivirus and retrovirus process development and scale-up, CMO management from early to late-stage development.

Preliminary Agenda


Challenges and Strategies for the Development of a Robust, Scalable, Cost Effective Biomanufacturing Process

Sadettin Ozturk, PhD, Senior Vice President, Process and Analytical Development, MassBiologics

Towards a Pivotal Process for AAV Manufacture with HSV

David Knop, PhD, Executive Director, Process Development, AGTC

HSV Vector Production Optimization – Scale-Out or Scale-Up?

Nitin Garg, PhD, Assistant Director, Upstream Development, AGTC

Linking Plasmid CQAs and AAV Production

Lawrence Thompson, PhD, Principal Scientist, Analytical Research & Development, BioTherapeutics Pharm Sciences, Pfizer

Purification Strategies for Gene Therapies

Alois Jungbauer, PhD, Professor, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

Considerations for Purification LPQ of AAV

Ratish Krishnan, Scientist, Bioprocesssing, Research & Development, Pfizer

Lyophilisation of AAV Gene Therapy Product

Tanvir Tabish, PhD, Head, Drug Product Development for Gene Therapy, Device and Combination Products, Shire

Development and Characterization of Novel Micro-RNA Attenuated Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Viruses

Michael Paglia, MSc, Vice President CMC Operations, Oncorus

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