Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 4th Annual

Continuous Processing in Biopharm Manufacturing

Not If, but When and How

August 13-14, 2018

Whether you have implemented it, or are considering it in one way or another, continuous processing has become a household word among biopharma companies. Continuous manufacturing has the potential to increase the efficiency, flexibility, agility and robustness of manufacturing by reducing the number of steps and holds, utilizing smaller equipment and facilities, improving product quality and enabling real-time release.

To date, continuous processing for biopharmaceuticals is still a work in progress. Particularly in downstream where fully/end-to-end continuous may be hard to achieve, companies are coming up with alternative systems such as multi-column chromatography, blind-elute/flow-through chromatography, straight-through/process intensification, membrane chromatography, tangential flow filtration and others. Additionally, to facilitate continuous bioprocessing, the biggest challenge is in-line, at-line process monitoring and control to ensure consistent quality assurance.

The 4th Annual Continuous Processing in Biopharm Manufacturing invites speakers to share their successes and challenges in implementing continuous up- and downstream processes in their manufacturing campaigns, as well as discuss the tools and technologies enabling real-time monitoring and control.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuous Biomanufacturing – 1 Term, Many Ways 
    • Fully Continuous
    • Semi-Continuous
    • Hybrid-Continuous
    • Process Intensification
  • Advances in Upstream Continuous 
    • N-1 Perfusion for high cell density in the seed train step
  • New Technologies in Continuous Downstream 
    • New Affinity Resins
    • Membrane chromatography
    • Multi-column chromatography
    • Bind-and-Elute/Flow-through Chromatography
    • Process Intensification
    • Tangential Flow Filtration
  • PAT in Continuous Processing 
    • What key factors should you rely on in your process?
    • How to measure the key factors in your process
    • Feedback and feed forward
    • How to enable real-time release testing
  • Process Modeling and Control  
    • Ensuring process robustness
    • Mechanistic modeling
    • Control strategies - determining the key process parameters/CQAs and conducting multivariate data analysis

If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation at this meeting, please click here.

The deadline for priority consideration is February 9, 2018.

All proposals are subject to review by session chairmen and/or the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Additionally, as per CHI policy, a select number of vendors and consultants who provide products and services will be offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships.

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