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Tuesday, August 13th

908 Devices10:00am Rapid At-line Spent Media Analysis with a New Integrated Benchtop Analyzer Disrupts the Antiquated Core Lab Model

Glenn Harris Director Sales & Marketing 908 Devices

There is a need for bench side process analytics that can monitor bioreactor nutrients, cell metabolites, and critical process attributes. Enzymatic biochemical analyzers deliver useful data, but they are limited to a small number of analytes that can be monitored simultaneously. Discussed here is a new bioprocess analyzer named Rebel. Rebel enables rapid, at-line spent media analysis with minimal sample volume and preparation.

Wednesday, August 14th

Texcell10:15am Designing Your Viral Clearance Study

Akunna Iheanacho, Ph.D. Director, Research & Development Texcell - North America, Inc.

Viral Clearance studies are part of a multifaceted approach to ensure the safety of biopharmaceutical products. This presentation offers some considerations when designing viral clearance studies. Key study elements such as the selection of suitable process steps, as well as the selection of a relevant virus panel will be discussed.

UBE-Industries4:00pm Continuous Production of IgG, Virus and Recombinant Proteins Using a Novel Membrane Module System

Masahiko Hagihara, Mr. General Manager Hagihara Research Group UBE Industries, Ltd.

Christopher W. Kemp, PhD, Chief Science Officer, kempProteins, LLC

A novel cell culture system based on a porous polyimide membrane scaffold has been developed by UBE.  The modular system is suitable for shake-flask cultures using batch, fed-batch and perfusion modes with attachment dependent and independent cell lines.  The system has been successfully used to produce murine IgG from a challenging hybridoma cell line. Examples of the application of the system to produce mammalian cell viruses, cellular components and recombinant proteins will be presented.