SC2A: Data Analytics and Data Management for the Bioprocess Lifecycle
Monday August 13 9:00 – 11:30 am


Christoph Herwig, PhD, Professor, Inst of Chemical Environmental and Biological Engineering, Research Division Biochemical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, and

Patrick Sagmeister, PhD, CTO, Exputec GmbH

Christopher M Taylor, MSc, Head, Data Science Consulting, Exputec GmbH

During the past years lab digitalization has increased and sensor technology has improved tremendously. The management and analysis of accumulated data from R&D, Manufacturing and Quality Control (QC) has an immense potential to speed up time-to-market and optimize your manufacturing processes in terms of quality and economics.

However, only well prepared and analyzed data leads to process knowledge and, finally, to process control and continuous improvement. Thus, a robust and efficient data management/data analytics strategy is one of the most valuable concepts for the process industry.

Participants of the short course will learn how to apply state of the art methods for bioprocess data management and bioprocess data analytics in process development, technology transfer, process validation and in GMP manufacturing.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How to visualize bioprocess data to detect correlations;
  • How to qualify scale-down models and technology transfers;
  • How to use data analytics for process validation purposes (process characterization, continued process verification);
  • How to set-up lean data management.

This course is specially designed for:
Scientists and managers responsible for:

  • Process Science (Upstream, Downstream process development)
  • Quality
  • Process Validation (Stage 1 to Stage 3 process validation)
  • Manufacturing Science and Technologies
  • Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)

About the Instructors:

Christoph_HerwigChristoph Herwig, PhD, Professor, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Prof. Christoph Herwig was appointed as full professor in biochemical engineering in 2008 returning from a top management position in the biopharmaceutical industry. His research areas include fermentation technology, bioprocess development, and biotechnological production – always bridging scalable bioprocess development to facility design.

Patrick_SagmeisterPatrick Sagmeister, PhD, CTO, Exputec

Patrick is Chief Technology Officer of EXPUTEC with responsibility for scientific developments, technical innovations and business development. Patrick joined EXPUTEC in 2013. He studied technical chemistry in Graz and Vienna, Austria. Patrick received his PhD in biochemical engineering from the Technical University of Vienna. His research profile includes bioprocess development, mathematical modelling of biochemical systems and applied statistics.

Taylor_ChristopherChristopher M. Taylor, Msc, Head, Data Science Consulting, Exputec GmbH

Christopher heads the Data Science Consulting group at Exputec. Christopher has over a decade of biopharma experience in technical groups ranging from process engineering to bioassay analytics. He has worked for large biotech companies in Austria and Switzerland, as well as the US. He holds a master's degree in bioprocess engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Vienna and a bachelor's in UC San Diego. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with extensive experience in statistical approaches to problem solving and process characterization.

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