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Stream 2 

Formulation & Downstream Processing

The weeklong Formulation & Downstream Processing stream aims to bring together experts from around the world to discuss practical insights and case studies on challenges in formulation development of high concentration protein formulations and new biologic formats, application of high-throughput/high resolution screening tools and strategies in early biotherapeutic development as well as advances in purification technologies. The conferences will also feature cutting edge approaches on overcoming stability issues posed by aggregation and viscosity and radical advances and novel concepts in purification chromatography. We invite you to be part of these discussions to gain new information, ideas and insights to take home and immediately apply to your lab and your career.

Conferences Include:

August 18-19
Overcoming Formulation Challenges 

August 20-21
High-Concentration Protein Formulations 

August 21-22
Advances in Purification Technologies 


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