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Short Courses*

Morning Short Courses
Monday, August 21, 2017

9:0011:30 am

SC1: Optimizing Cell Culture Media – Achieving Super Soup - Detailed Agenda

Sven Loebrich, Ph.D., Senior Development Scientist, Upstream Process Engineering, Immunogen, Inc.

Jochen B. Sieck, Ph.D., Head, Perfusion Systems Laboratory, Perfusion Systems and Cell Culture Media R&D, Merck Life Science

Kamal Rashid, Ph.D., Director & Research Professor, Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center, and Biology/Biotechnology Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

SC2: Comparability Strategies for Cell and Gene Therapies - Detailed Agenda

Christopher Bravery, Ph.D., Consulting Regulatory Scientist, Consulting on Advanced Biologicals Ltd.

SC3: Advanced Process Control, Intensified DoE and Hybrid Modeling for Process Optimization and Characterization - Detailed Agenda

Gerald Striedner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biotechnology (BOKU), Principal Investigator, Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB)

Martin Mayer, Head, Business Development, evon GmbH

Dinner Short Courses
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

6:008:30 pm

SC5: Potency Assay Development for Cell and Gene Therapy Products - Detailed Agenda

Christopher Bravery, Ph.D., Consulting Regulatory Scientist, Consulting on Advanced Biologicals Ltd.

SC6: Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing - An Implementation Approach: Planning, Technology, Regulatory, and Manufacturing Advantages - Detailed Agenda

Robert Dream, Managing Director, HDR Company, LLC

SC7: Analytical Strategies for Comparability in Bioprocess Development - Detailed Agenda

Christine P. Chan, Ph.D., Principal Scientist/Technical Lead, Global Manufacturing Science & Technology, Specialty Care Operations, Sanofi

SC8: Protein Aggregation: Mechanism, Characterization and Consequences - Detailed Agenda

Tom Laue, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry, University of New Hampshire

Dinner Short Courses
Thursday, August 24, 2017

6:009:00 pm

SC9: Transient Protein Production in Mammalian Cells - Detailed Agenda

Richard Altman, MS, Scientist V, Protein Technologies, Amgen

Henry C. Chiou, Ph.D., Associate Director, Cell Biology, Life Science Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dominic Esposito, Ph.D., Director, Protein Expression Laboratory, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Panelist: Bojiao Yin, Ph.D., Researcher, Protein Technologies, Amgen


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