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SC9 - ABC: Anything But Chromatography – Precipitation, Crystallization and Flocculation

Increased titer in biopharmaceutical production requires new strategies for economical processing. Precipitation, crystallization and flocculation are a unit operation which overcomes productivity limits of chromatography. General engineering principles, including how to set up a precipitation, crystallization, or flocculation process for purification of recombinant proteins will be shown. Scale up rules will be explained. Examples will be shown for products produced in mammalian cell culture and E.coli. A strategy on how to implement such processes will be discussed.

  • Overcoming productivity limits of your current process
  • Design of a cost effective, scalable process
  • Streamlining  your existing process
  • Precipitation, crystallization and flocculation is a platform technology


Alois Jungbauer, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biotechnology, University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna, (BOKU) and Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology 

Professor Alois Jungbauer received his Ph.D. in Food Technology and Biotechnology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria 1986. He serves since then as a professor at the Department of Biotechnology. He teaches Protein Technology and Downstream Processing and Bioprocess Engineering. He also acts as area head and Dep. Director of Research in the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology. He is currently working in the field of bioengineering of proteins, plasmids and viruses with special focus on expression, downstream processing and characterization of large biomolecules. 

As a proliferate researcher he has more than 250 publications on recombinant protein production and bioseparation, 15 patents and 12 book contributions and recently a monograph entitled “Protein Chromatography , Process Development and Scale Up”. He is executive editor and co-founder of Biotechnology Journal, and member of editorial boards from numerous journals in the area of biochemical engineering.  

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