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Introduction to Biologics Formulation and Delivery 

August 20-21, 2014
Day 1: 9:00 – 5:15 * Day 2: 8:30 – 12:00

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Timothy KellyTimothy Kelly, Ph.D., Vice President, Biopharmaceutical Development, KBI Biopharma, Inc. 

The course will focus on strategies to plan and execute preformulation and formulation development studies for biologics, which require co-optimization of multiple physical, chemical and conformational stability attributes while operating under accelerated timelines to deliver the drug to the clinic. The course begins with an overview of biophysical and biochemical properties of proteins. A typical development workflow (including statistical analysis and DOE elements) will be outlined to demonstrate the core elements employed during protein formulation. The course concludes with real-world examples from formulation development projects for both liquid and lyophilized products.

  • Basics of protein biochemistry, with focus on folding mechanism, stability and structural hierarchy
  • Degradation pathways relevant to biologics shelf life
  • Biophysical and analytical characterization tools
  • Typical workflow for biologics formulation development projects
  • Introduction to common delivery devices

Tim Kelly has over 20 years of experience in protein and nucleic acid characterization. In his role at KBI Biopharma, Tim is responsible for analytical development, formulation development, and quality control. Prior to joining KBI Biopharma, Tim held the position of Director of Quality Control for Diosynth Biotechnology, where we was responsible for method validation, in-process control, release, and stability of clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical products. Tim’s experience also includes the analytical development, formulation development, characterization and/or production of more than 200 clinical and commercial protein therapeutics, including monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, cytokines, fusion proteins, PEGylated proteins, protein vaccines, and peptides. Tim has led the successful formulation development of over 95 clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical products, including liquid and lyophilized dosage forms for intravenous and subcutaneous administration, at protein concentrations ranging from 10µg/mL to 200mg/mL. Tim earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry from Georgia State University.


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