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Transient Protein Production in Mammalian CellsTransient Protein Production in Mammalian CellsOrder Now
This short course introduces both the fundamental concepts and technologies needed to establish transient protein production in mammalian cells. This allows for the rapid generation, purification and characterization of milligram-to-gram quantities of secreted or intracellular recombinant proteins for therapeutic, functional and structural studies. The course combines instruction and case studies in an interactive environment.
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Operational Excellence in Bioprocessing - PAT, QbD, DoE, and Continuous ImprovementOperational Excellence in Bioprocessing - PAT, QbD, DoE, and Continuous ImprovementOrder Now
Ensuring quality in bioprocesses that complies with regulatory requirements and mitigates risk often results in very high bottom-line costs. Adopting best practices early in the development process and customizing these approaches to operational excellence from other highly competitive industries are currently taking place in biopharmaceutical production. This course provides both an overview of these approaches along with details about how they work, as well as case studies and data addressing how these innovations have been applied successfully in bioprocessing and the development of biopharmaceuticals. Appropriate regulatory guidance is also discussed.
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Optimizing Media: Achieving Super SoupOptimizing Media: Achieving Super SoupOrder Now
The “Optimizing Media” digital course provides a detailed overview of the process for successfully developing media for culturing cells, with an emphasis on providing optimal conditions for cell growth. The overview addresses media supplementation, the importance of amino acids, protein free media, and serum versus serum-free media. In addition, the digital course includes a discussion about developing a chemically-defined basal and feed media for fed-batch cell culture, which includes strategies for optimizing basal and feed media, and developing fed-batch platforms. This presentation also highlights the use of Design of Experiments (DoE) strategies for developing basal media.
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Accelerated Stability Testing of BiologicsAccelerated Stability Testing of BiologicsOrder Now
This short course will aim to guide the researcher in designing studies for accelerated stability testing of biologics. The course will begin with basic underlying concepts governing protein drug product stability, and focus on design principles for meaning stress and accelerated stability testing of not only the protein of interest but also of excipients and primary packaging components. Strategies to handle complexities arising from their interactions will also be discussed.
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Protein Expression in Non-Mammalian Host Systems DVD CoverOrder NowProtein Expression in Non-Mammalian Host Systems – E. coli & Yeast
This course provides both an overview of non-mammalian expression systems, as well as an in-depth exploration of both Escherichia coli and different strains of yeast as expression platforms. Both Instructors, Dom Esposito of SAIC-Frederick/NIH and Piotr Bobrowicz of Adimab, possess many years of experience with their specific expression host. They share their insights and extensive knowledge to help those in the lab achieve optimized expression.
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2012 SC1 DVD CoverOrder NowOptimizing Media – Achieving Super Soup
This DVD provides an excellent and detailed overview for 'Optimizing Media' in order to increase productivity and ensure quality. Along with optimizing processes and feed strategies, Media experts will share how they employ current Operational Excellence techniques to achieve ever higher titers. 
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2012 SC3 DVD CoverOrder NowEnsuring Operational Excellence in Bioprocessing
Researchers need to be ever more productive to meet the demands of a burgeoning biomedical industry. As cell culture reaches greater productivity, pressures increase downstream to keep up with production. Traditional approaches and techniques consistently require innovation to streamline tasks, while at the same time, costs need to be contained or reduced. 
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2012 SC4 DVD CoverOrder NowE. coli Innovations
Escherichia coli has proven its worth as a protein expression platform. Currently, E.coli is not viewed so much as an 'alternative' platform, but as a viable choice for achieving high-level expression of human genes and proteins at a reasonable cost.  
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