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Biopreservation: Assuring The Viability & Productivity Of Cell Lines - Day 1


The increasing demand for recombinant therapeutic proteins has placed pressure on the biopharmaceutical industry. Thus, considerable resources are used to develop high-yielding cell line production systems. Preserving these cell lines for optimum yield, viability, and productivity is not that simple. Cell banking systems maintain that a uniform population of cells is preserved and that their integrity is sustained; however, assuming that the same principles of biopreservation apply to all cell lines is a common misunderstanding. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Biopreservation: Assuring Purity, Viability and Productivity of Cell Lines explores the intersection of cGMP and biopreservation science optimizing upstream bioprocess development and ensuring that a sufficient supply of cell production lines is available for the life of the product.

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Monday, August 22

11:30 - 1:00pm Conference Registration

1:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


Cell Banking: Diversity Brings Solutions


1:10 Cryopreservation: The Quest for Best Practices

John BaustJohn G. Baust, Ph.D., UNESCO Chair & Professor; Director, Institute of Biomedical Technology, Binghamton University; Editor-in-Chief, Biopreservation & Biobanking

Typical “best practice guidelines” originating from various biobanks and biobanking consortia do not contain guidance related to preservation practices that would result in standardized outcomes. That is: few offer quantitative direction on the matter of the development of state-of-the-art cryopreservation protocols compatible with sample recovery from one or more biobanks that would yield equivalent specimen quality. With cryopreservation methodologies slowly emerging from the “structural” to a “molecular” perspective in which strategies are employed to mitigate disruptive, damaging and lethal aspects of oxidative stressors, we are now have knowledge of the cell-based factors that limit biobank standardization. This presentation will review novel approaches to improved cell preservation methodologies designed to enable biobanks to adopt standardized, outcome-driven, preservation protocols.

2:15 Biopreservation Methods for Cell Therapy Products

Kelvin G.M. Brockbank, Ph.D., President and CSO, Cell & Tissue Systems, Inc.

Biopreservation for regenerative medicine products containing living cells will be discussed drawing primarily upon experience with cardiovascular and orthopedic cell and tissue models. There are two major approaches to cell and tissue biopreservation in use: either traditional freezing methods or ice-free vitrification. Both approaches have pros and cons, and which should be employed depends upon the cell/tissue type and the final product design. Some future cell therapy products may also be freeze dried for ambient room temperature storage.

2:45 Networking Refreshment Break

3:15 Speaker to be Announced

3:45 High-Throughput Preparation of Biomaterials in a CLIA Lab

Lynn Bry, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Partners Biorepository for Medical Discovery Associate Medical Director, BWH Clinical Laboratories Associate Director, Partners Center for Personalized Genomic Medicine

This talk will discuss methods used to prepare blood products, including cellular preparations for transfusion into recipient patients, and other methods for collecting and processing materials from clinical laboratories for research use.

4:15 Moderated Small-Group Breakout Discussions

Discussion groups give participants an opportunity to network and discuss important topics with colleagues from around the world.  We set aside this time for conference attendees to interact around a focused discussion topic, get to know one another, and develop contacts.  Meeting delegates select what discussion they would like to join from the list of topics provided, and the talk begins. The discussions are engaging, and a great way to network, exchange information, and establish future collaborations.

5:30 Grand Opening Reception with Exhibit and Poster Viewing

7:00 End of Day One

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