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Speaker List

The Bioprocessing Summit 2011
Speakers confirmed to date (as of April 20, 2011)

Kari Airenne, Ph.D., Professor, Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, A.I. Virtanen Institute, University of Kuopio 

Robert Ames, Ph.D., Director, Cellular Targets, Biological Reagents and Assay Development, GlaxoSmithKline 

Chris Antoniou, Principal Project Engineer, Global Engineering & Technology, Biogen Idec 

Frank Baganz, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Biochemical Engineering, University College London 

John G. Baust, Ph.D., UNESCO Chair & Professor; Director, Institute of Biomedical Technology, Binghamton University; Editor-in-Chief, Biopreservation & Biobanking 

Eric Becker, Ph.D., Associate Director, Mammalian Cell Culture Process, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG 

Imre Berger, Ph.D., Group Leader, Structural Biology Unit, EMBL Grenoble 

Michael Betenbaugh, Ph.D., Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University 

Karsten Boldt, Ph.D., Professor, Medical Proteome Center, Centre for Ophthalmology, University of Tuebingen 

Krista Bowman, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Manager, Structural Biology, Genentech, Inc. 

Kara L. Bren, Ph.D., Professor, Chemistry, University of Rochester 

Kelvin G.M. Brockbank, Ph.D., President and CSO, Cell & Tissue Systems, Inc. 

Lynn Bry, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Partners Biorepository for Medical Discovery Associate Medical Director, BWH Clinical Laboratories Associate Director, Partners Center for Personalized Genomic Medicine 

Philip N. Bryan, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of Maryland; Owner, Potomac Affinity Proteins, LLC 

Jochen Büchs, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Biochemical Engineering, Aachen University of Technology 

Michael Butler, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Animal Cell Technology, Microbiology, University of Manitoba 

Véronique Chotteau, Ph.D., Animal Cell Technology Group, School of Biotechnology, Division of Bioproduction, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology 

Blandine Courbière, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Faculty, Laboratory of Environmental Mutagenesis and Biogenotoxicology, Université de la Méditerranée Aix-Marseille II 

Wayne Curtis, Ph.D., Professor, Chemical Engineering, Penn State University 

Christine DeMaria, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Therapeutic Protein Expression, Genzyme Corp. 

Ratmir Derda, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta 

Ram Devireddy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University 

Alan Dickson, Ph.D., Professor, Biotechnology, and Director, Centre of Excellence in Biopharmaceuticals, Faculty of Life Sciences, The University of Manchester 

Thomas L. Emmons, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Pfizer, Inc. 

Dominic Esposito, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Protein Expression Laboratory, SAIC-Frederick, Inc. 

Daniel Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Eclosion SA 

Matthew Gagnon, Process Engineer, Culture Process Development, BioProcess Research and Development, Pfizer, Inc. 

Jolanda Gerritsen, Ph.D., Technology Expert, Cell Line Development, Genmab B.V. 

Rénald Gilbert, Ph.D., Research Officer, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council Canada 

Adam Goldstein, Senior Manager, Clinical Operations, Genentech 

José Gomes, Senior Research Scientist & Manager, Bioreactor Process Development, Pfizer, Inc. 

Christopher Gregory, Ph.D., Professor, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh; CSO, ImmunoSolv Ltd. 

Dieter C. Gruenert, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Laboratory Medicine, University of California, San Francisco 

Rüdiger Heidemann, Ph.D., Group Leader, Cell Culture Development, Bayer HealthCare LLC 

Wendy Hsu, Engineer and Group Leader, Early Stage Cell Culture, Genentech, Inc. 

Ian Hunt, Ph.D., Associate Director, Discovery Technologies, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc. 

Donald Jarvis, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming 

Susan Dana Jones, Ph.D., Vice President and Senior Consultant, BioProcess Technology Consultants 

Thomas Jostock, Ph.D., Technology Platform Leader, Process Sciences & Production, Novartis Pharma AG 

Martin Kane, Associate Director, Process Statistics, Human Genome Sciences, Inc. 

Thomas C. Killian, Ph.D., Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Rice University 

L. James Lee, Ph.D., Helen C. Kurtz Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Director, NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices (CANPBD), The Ohio State University 

Tim Lee, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Industrial Operations, Sanofi Pasteur 

Samuel Li, Ph.D., Associate Director, Pre-Clinical Discovery, Dendreon Corporation 

Yifeng Li, Ph.D., Technical Director, Protein Production Core Facility, Department of Biochemistry, The University of Texas Health Science Center 

Zhiyu Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences 

Chang Lu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech 

Jeffrey Ly, Staff Biochemical Engineer, Biologics New & Enabling Technologies, Merck & Co., Inc. 

Naglis Malys, Experimental Officer, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester 

Phillip B. Maples, Ph.D., VP, Technical Operations, Gradalis, Inc. 

Paula Meleady, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist and Programme Leader, Proteomics Core Facility, National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB), Dublin City University 

James Moldenhauer, M.S., Senior Scientist, Manufacturing Science & Technology, Eli Lilly and Company 

Matteo Moretti, Ph.D., Head, Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, I.R.C.C.S. Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi; and Harvard - M.I.T. Division of Health Science and Technology 

Mary Pat Moyer, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Science Officer, INCELL Corporation LLC 

Gregg Nyberg, Ph.D., Director, Process Development, Amgen, Inc. 

Sinyoung Park, Ph.D., Scientist, Process Development – Upstream, Ambrx, Inc. 

Stanley M. Parsons, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Neuroscience Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara 

Arnaud Perilleux, Scientist, Upstream Processing, Biotech Process Sciences, Merck Serono SA 

Gary Pettman, Team Leader, Early Expression and Supply, MedImmune 

Arnaud Poterszman, Ph.D., Research Director, Integrated Structural Biology, IGBMC CNRS/Inserm/Universite de Strasbourg 

Paul Ramage, Ph.D., CPC, Protease Platform, Senior Research Investigator, Novartis Pharma AG 

Kevin Rupprecht, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist, Abbott Diagnostics Analytical Chemistry R&D, Abbott Laboratories 

Vera Safronova, Ph.D., Head,Russian Collection of Agricultural Microorganisms All-Russia Research Institute for Agricultural Microbiology (ARRIAM) 

Susan Sharfstein, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nanobioscience, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, University at Albany 

Payal Sheth, Ph.D., Investigator, Protein Science Department, Merck Research Laboratory 

Kim Stutzman-Engwall, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer Global R&D Groton Labs 

Nanda K. Subbarao, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Biologics Consulting Group, Inc. 

Shuichi Takayama, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering; Associate Professor, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Michigan 

Ross Taylor, Ph.D., Director, Process Development, LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Anne Bondgaard Tolstrup, Ph.D., Director, Antibody Expression, Symphogen A/S 

Yung-Shyeng Tsao, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Cell Culture, Merck 

Meg Tung, Senior Research Associate, Late Stage Cell Culture, Pharma Technical Development, Genentech, Inc. 

Arie van Oorschot, Scientist, Upstream Processing, Process Development, Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) 

Ramarao Vepachedu, Ph.D., Scientist, Development, Medimmune Vaccines 

Just M. Vlak, Ph.D., Professor, Vice-Dean and Member Academic Board, Laboratory of Virology, Wageningen University 

Loy Volkman, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Plant & Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley 

Geoffrey S. Waldo, Ph.D., Team Leader, Biosciences, Los Alamos National Laboratory (invited) 

S. Patrick Walton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Michigan State University 

Pin Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Southern California 

James C. Warren, Ph.D., Principal Development Engineer, Vaccine Manufacturing Sciences and Commercialization, Merck & Co., Inc. 

David Wood, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Ohio State University 

Jianguo Yang, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Commercial Cell Culture Development, Commercial Process Development, Biologic R&D, Genzyme 

Liliana T. Yee, Research Associate, Purification Development, Genentech/Roche 

Jin Yin, Ph.D., Principal Bioengineer, Cell Culture, Shire Human Genetic Therapies 

Hang Yuan, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Bioprocess R&D, Culture Process Development, Global Research & Development, Pfizer, Inc. 

Lin Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer, Inc.